Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Order in Which Algebra Equation Should be Done

For some people, algebra is a difficult subject when it comes to master it. Besides the numbers, there are also some letters that are found in the equations. Such letters will be called variables, and they are used to represent unknown numbers.  At the beginning, it can be overwhelmed, but when you learn some concepts and practice often, you will be successful with algebra.  After knowing the basic, you can use them in everyday life and not only in doing algebra homework.
Algebra Homework
Algebra Homework

Start by understanding PEMDAS. This is the acronym on how the operation in algebra should follow one another. It stands for Parentheses, Exponent, Multiplication, Division, Addition and then Subtraction.  When you are solving any problem, you have to start on expression found within parentheses and follow up the order of the acronym and finish up with subtraction.

To solve any problem in algebra homework, you will have to base yourself on PEMDAS. Sometime, the problems may include parentheses to show the operations that have to be performed before others. Division and multiplication are at the same rank, and you can solve them in any order based from the left toward the right. This is the same for the subtraction and addition.  When you practice more, you will be able to solve more problems and much easier. When you use such order for the operation, it will be your second nature and it will not be hard to solve problems in algebra. You can work on different problems, and you will feel more confident when it comes to work on your algebra homework.

When you feel that the homework is overwhelming, you should ask someone to help you. You can ask your teacher, or you can get a tutor. You can even ask a friend who is better in algebra than you. Consider algebra like a puzzle that you have to solve. Just like the puzzle, you have to bring together different pieces. You should learn how to recognize symbols and numbers for a placeholder and ensure that you make a solution to be easier to understand.  While solving algebra problems, you need to know that if you change one side in equations, you have to do the same at the second side. When you divide, multiply, subtract or add to one side, then you have to do it at the second side.

Bring the variable at one side of an equation. If you are given algebraic expression, you will notice that they will be variables and constants. The constant is a given number while a variable is a letter which represents any unknown number. While isolating the number, you will need to subtract or add terms so that you may end up with variables at just one side. When the variable has some coefficients, you have to divide with it at both sides in order to get variables on their own. Put together all terms that looks the same so that you may simplify the problem. It helps in keeping the equation at a manageable and easy to solve the level.

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