Monday, May 1, 2017

A Simple Way to Solve Algebra Problems

Mathematical problems are not always that easy to solve. Some problems need a combination of many brilliant minds to solve them. Nevertheless, there is a US company which has come up with a better and a simpler way of solving algebraic equations.
The company is called softmath and is located along Blanco road of San Antonio city in Texas. The company came up with a solution called is a desktop application which can be installed on Windows machines or Mac OS machines. This package is available for sale on their website, As of now, the cost of purchasing this application is ten dollars even though that price will change in the near future. The website can be interchanged between English and Spanish languages. A guest will choose a language that best suits him or her.

What is so special with their solution?

Algebrator solves any algebra problem that you can think of. It can solve problems from any of the following math textbooks. Statistics, College algebra, Pre-algebra, and Trigonometry. So, if you are told to simplify radicals, and decide to feed this information to algebrator, it will do it for you within a very short time. If you need explanations or the steps it took in order to arrive at that answer, it will show you on the screen.

The solution covers a wide range of math topics. For example, it covers functions, matrices, logarithms, solving equations and inequalities, complex numbers, statistics, graphing, trigonometry, simplifying expressions and much more topics that come into your mind.
You can enter any problem using a What You SeeIs What You Get interface better known as WYSIWYG interface. This interface enables you to enter problems like “find a perpendicular line that passes through the following points...”

Once you get the desired solution, you can then export it to a MathML format and share it with your classmates if you do not mind. This export function generates an xhtml file which browsers like Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome and many others that can open it. 
If you happen to purchase this application before midnight of 15th April this year (2017), you do stand a chance of getting over a thousand problems that have been entered into the application by other users and have been solved or are yet to be solved.

Any inquiries about this solution?

In case you are experiencing problems using this application, or you want to get some more information about the application, or anything else that is related to the app, feel free to send them an email. They have an email address indicated at softmath section or box, at their website. They have indicated their phone number still on the same box. So, call them using that number if you want a one on one conversation. Better still, you can pay them a visit in their offices. Like I said earlier, their offices are located along Blanco Road in the city of San Antonio in Texas.

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